Activation Issues

It may be free but since it seems impossible to activate without jumping through hoops or editing the registry - whats the point of it?

what problems are you having?
it should be as simple as:

You requesting a license.
you receive your license
you input your license key.
and its activated…

we are more than happy to help.
pls let us know whats wrong.

It is not impossible…we are many that have activated it without problems :slight_smile:

Have you recieved the licence key with your mail? Remember to check your spam-folder (I know many hotmail-users get the key in their spammail-folder). Also check your spam-filter, my key ended up in my Spamihilator-program (a program that get rid of the spam I got in my mailbox)

If you got the key, do you get an error-message when you try to add it in the program?

As Melih said, give us more info, and we will try to help you.

Here is some more information that may be of help to you:

Pls let us know how it goes.

me thinks that the license key thing will be number one problem getting ppl to use this since ppl download it and see the word trial and uninstall it

interesting observation.

Sarah, can you pls identify where this is mentioned and how we can improve it so that we can act on it asap.

well mostly on sites like since this products free i dont even know why you need serials
its just adds bulky code too it

oh ok. I thought you were referring to our sites.

well, we are changing the registration process, so it will be much easier.


I guess they want to track down how many users they have.


Comodo uses activation codes to keep track of installations, anyone can download and try it but if they activate the firewall it tells Comodo that the user likes the software and may have decided to keep it on his/her system.

I’m getting the error about administrative rights. Is there a fix for this. I’m logging in to a Windows domain with my domain username and password. This domain user is in the local Administrators group. Thoughts???

See the attached error message.


[attachment deleted by admin]

or you could just get that information when users “update” the program on your servers, or the amount of people downloading the exe file.

And the activation page just does not work, you enter Name and email, click “submit”…page cannot be displayed, have tried for several days on several different browsers, are they gonna fix this problem?

Comodo has said they will be changing their registration methods to make it easier, so we will see what the future brings :slight_smile:

If you cannot apply for a license key then I would be more than happy to send you one.

yes please that would be great

hy sorry for mi bad english , in the first place (L) the first product that i use was the verification engine and was (B) and now i m use comoda firewall and he is great but i have `problem whit activation key i don t recive please can you help me

can a moderator email me the activation key

I have two pcs connected thought the same hub. Both use windows XP, Firefox and AVG antivirus, windows firewall is off.
On one machine I have successfully installed and licenced Comodo firewall. On the other I can get as far as installing the unlicenced version but when I apply for an activation code I get error code 2146697211.
Any thoughts appreciated.



Anyone who still requires an activation key, please send me a personal message requesting one. You must include your e-mail address and the product that you are requesting the key for, once I receive your message I will send you an activation code for that product.


Is there a known work around to the ‘administrative privileges’ issue? I login with a domain account that is setup in the local admin group, but it would accept the activation until I did it under a local machine account in the local admin group. That’s not the Id I run with on a normal basis though…and update functionality isn’t working. (also, I think the app in general doesn’t like running under my domain account even though I have local admin rights).


finaly a have the key thanks justin (L) thanks comodo (B)