Activation Error [RESOLVED]

I just recently decided to switch firewalls. I saw that Comodo had a good review on a few sites and asked around in IRC channels about it as well. Now The problem I am recieveing is this. When I installed it and went to active it with the key that I revieved i get this error message popup. Here are the steps I have done.

Copy and paste activation key from the email I recieved
click the activate button
it does its connecting to the other end.
then this error.
Error 2146697211 please contact support

As this is a bit of a problem I uninstalled comodo for now but I see that windows security centre keeps saying that it is still using comodo as my firewall, And as I have unstalled it, cleaned out all reference to it in the registry I am at the moment a little confused at this as well.

Any comments would be appreciated

Menevak Vane.

Error 2146697211 please contact support

Changing the firewall security level settings to allow all temporarily should stop the activation error message. Once activated you can turn the security level back to Custom.

windows security centre keeps saying that it is still using comodo as my firewall

Have you uninstalled the launchpad as well as I believe this can cause Windows security center to carry on displaying this, but, I’m unsure.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Mike.
After 9 years as lead support tech for a MMORPG, I think I left my brain in the game.
After posting in the forums, I did the DUhh thing and turned down the security level and bling away it went.

As for The windows security centre I am still not sure why it reports this as it does.

Again thanks for the help. And hope I will be able to help another user in times to come.

Menevak Vane.

Good to hear its now working for you. ;D

I had the problem with security center also after temporarily uninstalling I don’t know for sure what it is but, I do believe it something to do with Launch Pad.
Maybe we will find out in the future ? ???

Anyway, hope you do come back to help others as help is always appreciated.



We have addressed this issue and fixed it in April 2006 update. Until the update is ready, Mike’s solution should solve the activation problem.

Good luck

Good to hear the issues been fixed :slight_smile:

keep up the good work Comodo,


Also, for people who don’t want to have any security down time, rebooting the computer will fix the error.

Hi guys,
Thanks for the feedback. We have addressed this issue about Windows Security Center. A small fix was needed. We will be including this fix in the april update.