Activation Code

hi to all… I have been waiting for my activation code for weeks now but still I haven’t receive it yet… I dont know where is the problem… now my CPF has expired and Im forced to use other firewall that keeps bugging me while Im using my PC… I really like CPF but I dont have activation code… please need your help ASAP…thks

Hi and welcome,

Have you checked any spam filters, as the codes often end up in there? If not can you try ordering a new code from the website. Codes should be received within about 5 minutes.

If this is no help I’ll send you a new code.


Hi Mike, to add, Hotmail and Gmail both will put the activation code in junk\spam box instead but to note, more than one user had it set to delete junk\spam upon arrival and thought they were simply not getting junk\spam in the folder, therefore not thinking it was going to the junk\spam box. Just thought i’d add that. :wink:


Hi Paul,

Thanks for adding that, I’ll remember that for future reference. :wink:


NP. I would alert someone that it may be going to junk\spam and they would say, I don’t have anything in there, nothing is going to it. So when I e-mail the activation code, I would mention this and they would check and sure enough, was set to delete upon arrival. So now I mention it lol.


hi… i checked my bulk mail and not there… twice I tried ordering again but still no reply from support… i would really appreciate if you could send me one …thks in advance

hi to all… received the activation code… thks very much mike… you’re heaven sent…

just my 2 cents… “zone alert” sucks big time… COMODO rules!!!..

LOL. Good to hear, but that “Zone Alarm” isn’t much better. :wink:


That’s good to hear, you’re welcome.