Activation code!!!

when I write the activation code into the license updater, it says that it’s wrong… how can i do? i recive only one e-mail:

Your order has been received!


Thank you for placing your order. Your Order Number is YYYYYYYYY. Please quote this Order Number in all correspondence. You have applied for:

I use the number YYYYYYYY.
help please!

that’s not the right number.
u should have received another email with activation code…

no i recive only that e-mail. I have a hotmail account…
thanks anyway! :slight_smile:

Normaly, you should have another email, along with your activation code.
You can always retry the submision anytime you like, tho’.

go ahead and request it again pls…


Check your spammail-folder in Hotmail.

My friends activation-code mail was in that folder.

Oh, yeah!
Bluesman’s right. My activation code end up on that folder too.
Double check your “Junk E-Mail” folder.

how do i get an activation number

Go to and select download. You will be asked for your name & email address. The activation number will be sent to the entered email address.

The CPF download is offered up in the form of a pop-up window. So, you will need to ensure that pop-ups are not blocked for