Activation Code [Resolved]


Downloaded Comodo on Saturday morning, filled and sent the registration form off. Came back with an Order number , but no Activation Code

Is Tuesday now here and have tried 4 times with same result.

Would like to get a licence for this, as I like what I see.

Any thoughts please.

check your spam folder (if you have one)…
if not pls get back to us

Thanks for quick reply. I’m not the most savvy user, so am asking where would I most likely find the spam folder .



In your hotmail account towards the left side there should be a link that says Junk E-Mail, click that and see if the activation number is there.

Checked Junk e-mail folder and is empty as are other email folders


Ok, then can you please try re-applying for a license?

Will do. It will be the 5th time. Have to go to work very shortly so wont be able to check till tonight



If for some reason you still cannot recieve a license code through hotmail, then please send me a PM through the forums and I will get you a key.


      Thanks for your time. Got home from work and checked again. Still didnt work through my hotmail E-mail address

     Decided to try another E-mail address I have with Iprimus and it worked perfectly.Solves the problem for me, but I guess still leaves a question about whether there is a problem with hotmail as whole, or just mine.

Thank you again



I have had problems with hotmail and I am beginning to think that they have changed their spam policy. But I am glad to hear you solved your problem!