activation code problem

I downloaded ver 2.4 to use on computer with win2k and it installed fine but it says it’s a trial version and I need to get the activation code.
But when I go to activation code page and fill it in and press “submit”, I continually get a blank page and the code is not being sent to my email address.
Please tell me how to access an activation code before my trial period expires soon.
Thank you.


Did you download the latest version ( from Comodo’s website? I’ve used Comodo since that version, and I can’t remember that I’ve ever needed to register for an activation code…


Thank you for your reply.
I thought I had downloaded the latest version of v.2, but as I rebooted my computer and got back online, Comodo asked to begin an update download. Perhaps this will remedy my problem.
if not, I’ll go back and make certain I download the latest v.2.
Thanks again.

Please confirm Version 3 activation code: Is one required or not? One more thing: Where do I find status of AV updates? Thanks, TH

V3 does not require an activaton code at all. If you are connected to the internet during the installation, it will “phone home” once to validate the installation. Comodo should have some means of knwing how many installations of its products are out there, after all.

Please note that the development of CAVS V2 BETA is on hold, as their main development thrust is on the soon to be released CAVS V3. The updates are still coming, but there is no clear indication on the website as to the last update or an update number.

Ewen :slight_smile: