Activation Code fails

On attempting to enter the Activation Code I get the message:

Activation code used for activating license is not of Comodo Firewall! Please check if you used some other product’s activation code to activate license.


Both a Ctrl-C and specifically typing in the given code give exactly the same error. (:AGY)

Hi nsa, welcome to the forums… sorry it’s under such circumstances. :-[

Please try to get another one here. You may grab as many as you want. But, they are time sensitive.

Second attempt succeeded. But why didn’t the first version work?

Chaos theory of course. ;D

nice answer Sam Fisher! Sam? are u posting here now? (:LGH)


i’ve tried it almost 8-9 times yet with all different activation keys… none worked. the error was still the same, “you might be entering an activation key to a different program blah blah…” :frowning:


From the orders I can see on our system they are showing at least 1 successful collection for each activation code.

Please note that each activation code has a max of 4 collections.

Do you still have the problem?

Can you attach a screen shot of what you see?