"Activating online license" on free version

I needed to re-install CIS on my machine, so I uninstalled it and prepared for a clean re-install.

As I was configuring the options in the setup package and proceeded to actual setup, I could
see that the message “activating online license” was displayed for a couple of seconds.

So, does CIS Free need online ‘activation’ to be fully unlocked?

The problem is that I will also want to install CIS on another PC and, for security reasons,
I don’t want to connect it to the internet yet. Will COMODO work even then,
without asking for online activation?

To some people, this might seem as a trivial thing, but I need to know how CIS behaves
on an offline system. if it requires any ‘free activation’ or anything.

Thanks very much, I appreciate your feedback.

i believe that if you use comodo internet security premium version 6.2 (latest version) then you don’t need to insert any activation key or license. it is free to use. after install comodo internet security premium you need to update virus signature data base file to protect your pc from viruses. and if you don’t have net connection then also cis works great and will protect you but it is always good to update virus signature data base file 8)