Activate or deactivate firewall rule from list


I have missed a feature that would allow me to turn firewall rules on or off from rule lists Situations where I have found this useful:

I want to enable or disable some traffic temporarily, but need to do it every now and then.
f.ex. I usually block some app, but want it to access, so I disable the blocking program rule.
or I want to enable some protocol temporarily that I usually block, so I make a rule for that and turn it off when I no more ned it.
or I use CIF with laptop and need to have different configurations when I’m at home and when I’m at public hotspot.
or generally I want to alter the firewall configuration some other way with preset policies and rules.

Monitoring traffic and testing. If I’m unsure what rule has blocked or allowed what, I could test it without hassling around with logging settigs. I could also make rules just to catch log entries when debugging, and leave them there for future need deactivated. No re-creating them every time.

And many other imaginable scenarios.

For programs it would be beneficial to have optionto turn on/off whole program rule or individual setting from programs ruleset. Dunno how precreated policies would allow this, and would it be too confusing. The program rules list is after all a mess to begin with.

What do you think about this?

since CIS targets average user I think it will not a good idea to deactivate the rules permanently .Even if this feature is added an alert may be placed on the main window regarding the risk that poses to security.
Imagine a user unknowingly deactivating a rule and forgetting it . Later date we find him complaining about the infection or attacks not prevented by CIS

It would be very useful to have this fundtionality, in the same way individual rules may be enabled or disabled in Windows 7 firewall.

Although it’s not currently possible to do this with individual rules, you could create different configurations for certain scenarios, then simply switch between them, as needed.

For some reason, I thought the very early versions of the Comodo Firewall (somewhere between version 1 and 2) had this ability…

I really do not think this argument is sound. If an user decides to mess with rules at first place, he or she needs to recognze the risk ones skill level possesses to security. Clueless user editing security rules is always a threat. The suggestion at hands does not affect that, nor does it need or try to. It is a feature for those in the know, just like any other feature that allows affecting firewall ruleset.

Of course it’s not a sound argument.

Don’t penalize users who know what they’re doing because other users don’t. Let use turn rules on and off.

I solved this by adding a blocked all rule to the specific application. When the application should be enabled drag this rule to the bottom of the list for this app. Else put it at the top

there should be button like: Default Settings, restore to default settings, like after i installed cis.

Defaults can be activated by
→ More
→ Manage my configurations
→ Import:
“%ProgramFiles%\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\COMODO - Internet Security.cfgx”
ore one of the other default blends.

Don’t forget to export your painstakingly crafted (active) rules first and import them right after under an other name. This gives you the opportunity to switch back and forth between default and your rules.

And …
All settings are imported or exported. Thus also your Antivirus and Defense+ rules. Here is where the developers could put some work in. Because there is a lack of granularity in the import and export. And some kind of merging would also be nice.