Acrobat keeps crashing since install of Comodo

Unfortuantley I cant even read the user guide since it is pdf.

I believe that one of the processes owned by Adobe Acrobat was blocked but now I cant figure out how to change it back to allow.

I went to Network Security Policy and Computer Security Policy but I cant find the process there.

Try reading all the sticky’s under important topics. Put the firewall and D+ in training mode. Your better off using Foxit Reader also.

If there is a specific sticky please point it out.

Both are now in training mode.

I still get the error.

Isn’t there be a simple way to modify allow/disallow behavior?

Foxit Reader is only a reader. I have full version of Acrobat. Not just the reader.

I gave you a link to the sticky. Click on it and read it. Remove all entries of Adobe in D+ and click apply. Then try it. Be sure you didnt actually block Adoble in D+.

Open up Comodo and go to the D+ tab. Then click Advanced and from there go to Computer Security Policy.