Acrobat Distiller [Resolved]

Hi, I’m new to Comodo. I’m having problems printing using acrobat distiller (:SAD) with a Win 2k and Firefox.
I haven’t change the default network rules.
Help Please … Thanks.

Are you sure this is a firewall issue? It’s possible it can be an issue with Acrobat itself, possibly becoming currupt.

Disable Comodo Firewall and see if this fixes the issue, if it doesn’t then this issue is not related to Comodo and we will have to figure out another way to fix it :wink:



Thanks … I’m a bit paranoic, so instead of shutingdown COMODO, I disconnected the internet cable and did this:
1.- Try to print from Firefox using acrobat distiller … it failed
2.- Shutdown COMODO and try to print from Firefox using acrobat distiller … it failed
So it was like you said … the problem was with acrobat.
I reinstall acrobat, and every went well, so we could close this event.
Thanks for everything (:CLP)… McAmbar :BNC :■■■■

Credits to Justin for the help. Glad that it worked.

Then I’m closing this thread, if you wish to open it again just send a PM to any moderator and we’ll do so!