Acquire a copy/paste of Active Connections?

Every time I boot up and finally get Comodo CIS firewall Icon in my system tray there are always several out going connections, about 12 to 28, and I would like to know how to be able to get a list of these so I may research them. Some are from within the O/S and others are from my TCP/IP: various ports.

Why is it necessary for Services.exe, RunDll.exe, and several other programs to have access out before I have even started my e-mail client, web browser or any other programs I use?

I know there are several questions here but they are related, in my opinion,

Thank you for reading my questions,

Thank you for reading this posty for me, I have noticed several. Also doing some exploring found where to go, yea, to create a ‘html’ log file.

Need to do more of this exploring to learn more, just do not really have the time yet, working on that as well.

Thank you for reading this poster as well,

I’m interested to know how you created an html of your active connections, care to explain how you achieved this?