Account Unknown

Does this means something wrong or malware?

Attached is the screenshot.

I checked my cousins system & noticed this.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Red star on a user account means * that is a admin account *

There should be nothing wrong with that if you know that you or someone with the rights to create such a account have done that & use it.

My cousin hasn’t changed anything. Win 7 64 came preinstalled & he only created 1 admin account of his name.

Dont worry naren

have look at that ,where we posted a lot of screanshots ,have look on my screnshots ,you will see that windows create automaticly a admin account from you user account
3 screanshot on my second post

;D here is almost everything you should know - according win 7

Table of Contents
Windows 7
Disabling Features and Annoyances
Learning Windows 7
Networking and Sharing
Privacy and Security
Shortcuts and Hotkeys
Windows 7 Tips

What are the last 3 numbers at the end of the SID?

But your account doesn’t mentions unknown. His mentions unknown.

And if windows automatically create admin account from users account, why its not created on my system?

I did remote connection & took the screenshot.

I will again do remote connection & post that you have asked for.

The last numbers are 001 & 004

And both the accounts for permissions nothing is checked but special permission is checked.

Has this PC ever been connected to a Active Directory Domain?

I dont know what is Active Directory Domain

My cousin use the system for basic internet like email, chat, search, etc…

Can you open an elevated command prompt and type

wmic useraccount get name,sid

then post the result