Account remove

Sorry for my bad english.
… please, may to asking:
i desire that my account will be delete.

Hi rey63

Are you sure about this?

Please reply to confirm and we will delete your account upon your request.


Of course, i’m sure about that.

Sorry please note accounts cannot be deleted.

We can ban your account if you wish.

Thank you

I desire that my account … be removed.
Because i receveid many mails spam.
Please … i think that is my prerogative.
Best Regards

Hi rey63

Sorry I was not aware we are not allowed to delete accounts anymore. We can however, either change your password or ban your account. Unfortunately these are the only choices and alternatives to fit you’re desire.

If you wish also… We can delete you’re posts as well, but we can not do account deletions. I apologize for this.


As the mods said accounts cant be deleted for information reasons. Just make a new email if you are getting spammed or use CIS to get rid of any viruses.

We can change your email address to an invalid address, thus guaranteeing that the forums can never send you anything again.

However, the forums does not send anything that you haven’t asked for… so, that is not spam (by definition).

On checking further I noticed that your email account is visible to all (not the default setting), which I just changed to make it invisible. So, in my opinion, it is likely that the spam you are receiving is nothing to do with the forums.

If you have registed with Comodo for any Product ie:- placed your email anywhere during the installation the emails come direct from Comodo, you have to unsubscribe in the usual way from the email.

The only emails you received from the forum is because you have this box ticked screenshot.

You can change your email as already suggested.


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For avoiding spam please see this.