Account Locked

I had problems logging in to my Comodo Account as I suffer from short-term memory problems, now I cannot view account page as it says “The administrator of this web site has denied access to you at this time.” I am not too sure whether this is the correct place to ask this kind of question, secondly I have Comodo Internet Security Complete, will that be in version 6???

Tony. :slight_smile:

Hi Tony

Account Locked: Is this about the forums, CIS or something else? I don’t recognise the message (denied access) you posted & a quick check against your forum account only revealed some recent incorrect username/password logins.

CIS Complete: Yes, CIS 6 will have a Complete version when it is released.

Hi Kail

Thanks for the prompt reply. No, it occurs when I visit the main Comodo Account page; I think its because I entered the wrong password on several occasions.


Dr to be; and where are we now… Neurology, over worked!

OK, go to Comodo Support, register a new account there and submit a support ticket on this issue. They should be able to help you out with this, if not then please post again.


Keepass is good for passwords. (Dont mismatch it with mandatory paid products).
Just… dont forget the only one password! … Thats all :slight_smile: