Account Creator Service

the problem with using email to create accounts is that it’s not easy to manage the accounts associated with the email or see the accounts associated with the email. if you want to get a new email and delete the old one then you have to go to each account that you use such as facebook, youtube, etc and give them the new email that you want associated with that account in order to login to facebook, youtube, etc site by site.

i think that with an account creator service it would be easier to manage accounts because you would be able to see all the accounts you created using the account creator service. because of this you wouldn’t forget about all the accounts you created such as facebook, youtube, etc because you could just login to the account creator service to see all the different accounts you have created. the only reason i have an email is so i can have a youtube, facebook, etc. i talk to no one through email. so i just have a bloated account creator service that sucks at letting me manage all these accounts and doesn’t let me see them all in one easy to manage place.

also with the account creator service, the only messages and notifications you would get are the ones directly from the accounts you have created using the account creator service. you get only important messages directly from the accounts such as facebook, etc. messages such as “your account has been deleted. if you didn’t do this please click the link below to resurrect your account”. for notifications you should be able to manage what types of notifications you get from your different accounts such as youtube, etc from both the account creator service and the actual account its self such as youtube, etc. notifications like notify me when someone sends me a message on facebook etc. so no more messages from people you don’t know because it only allows communications directly from your accounts such as facebook, etc. so no more guessing if it’s a real message or notification from youtube, facebook, etc because it won’t allow anything that isn’t from the site of your accounts such as facebook, etc. default deny, if they aren’t on the whitelist then you can’t get any kind of message or notification from them. in other words, if you don’t have an account with them then you don’t get messages or notifications from them. so no more worrying if it’s real or not. bye bye spam. this is not a communication service. it’s a way to manage accounts you’ve created such as youtube, etc better and nothing more. it only uses communication from the accounts you have created using the account creator service to let you know of important things. also all notifications and messages associated with facebook are put in there own section away from all other messages and notifications from youtube, twitter, etc. each account has it’s own sections with all data associated with it. auto organize which email also sucks at by default. also notifications that accounts like facebook offer to let you know if someone sent you a message can all be turned off so that you only get messages if something funny is going on with one of your accounts. you could also get these alerts on your phone if something strange is going on. if something weird is going on then your account will be locked and an alert gives you a code to enter from a computer that allows only that computer to get in until everything with the account is fixed like changing password and whatever else may need to be done to get the hacker out.

also if your account creator service got logged into by some stranger but your still able to get in, you could create a new account creator service and import all the data from the old one to the new one and then delete the old one. which you can’t do with email and see just accounts related to the email and all their data in one easy to manage place.

on the other hand you guys could create an email client that could have an account management service section or better yet let the user decide if they want just the email or the account creator service or both together but organized in their own sections.

the account creator service could be called comodo account creator or something i don’t care what the name is. i’m sure you guys could come up with something more clever than that lol but you get the idea.

but just to clarify if you use this service you first create a user name. and you guys could use the email model using the @ singe. so the user name would look like this or then when you create an account like facebook or whatever you use as the user name and then whatever you want as the password. then you have the option to have the password for that account housed in cac but you have to give your phone number and password to access it or some other process of accessing the password for the account in cac that is more secure rather than just having the password of each account in cac show right beside each account.

also an option to create a unique user name for each account created using cac rather than only using maybe you could use for facebook and for youtube. this would add more security to your accounts by having unique user names but having them all created under one service so you can easily see all the unique user names for each account. you could come up with a secure way to access the user names of each account such as facebook, etc as well rather than just having the user name out in the open beside each corresponding account.

i realize that there are security flaws in this idea but i’m just trying to get this idea out there so i can get some more minds to help me patch these security flaws. please give me suggestion rather than just shoot this idea down just because it’s not bullet proof. even if comodo doesn’t make this i still think it would be good if someone did. if you like this idea spread it around to google, yahoo, etc. it wont keep comodo from creating it if they want to create it too

This is an good idea; :stuck_out_tongue: I might even create a batch for such thing :slight_smile:
but I don’t think Comodo would create such thing for social networking sites; but for Windows accounts/MAC Accounts/ Linux accounts/ Program access / etc i might say good idea; other than that… that was a lot of reading :slight_smile: Great idea! but I wouldn’t say it is need to be prioritize…

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i just used social networking sites as an example. i want this used for any online account created using this service not just social network sites.

i also like your idea for offline accounts and program access as well.

i agree too that this isn’t a priority and should be put on the back burner. i’m just saying i’m tired of having to have an email to create accounts online while getting tons of mail from people i don’t know or care about. email shouldn’t be needed to create an account with an online service

It would be nearly impossible for such thing for all online services…
I mean if you narrow it down to certain sites then it may be posisble but most everyone uses a password manager (cough cough i-vault cough cough) or a antispam

Use Comodo SecureEmail or AntiSpam; It should help with the E-Mails…
Antispam has a whitelist for those who you know, and those you don’t know it automatically sends a ‘captcha’ for the sender to fill out then the email that was originally sent will be moved to your inbox :slight_smile:

hope this helps!


RoboForm will do much of what you are asking.

the main goal of this idea is to never have to use an email service to create an account with an online service and using RoboForm, i-vault, comdo secure email and or anti-spam doesn’t meet this goal from what i can tell. let me know if i’m wrong or missing something

and just to clarify, yes i know sites may or may not have to cooperate directly with this service. if they go with the email format “” for users to put in the user name or email form to login to youtube and whatever else then i don’t see why these sites like facebook and youtube would have to directly support this but i could be wrong but either way if they had to, they could cooperate just as they have cooperated with facebook for the like button