Accidently blocked file - hips

I feel so dumb because i accidently blocked a file csgo.exe >:( it was first in unrecognised folder and to avoid any future problems i thought to move it into trusted files but i accidently ticked wrong box and CIS move csgo.exe into Blocked Files. Now with HIPS on i can’t play counter-strike :embarassed: is there any way to move it into trusted files folder and unblock it? Please help :frowning:

[ol]- Open the main CIS window

  • Click Tasks in the upper right
  • Expand Advanced Tasks and click Open Advanced Settings
  • In the new window, expand Security Settings > Defense+ > HIPS and click Protected Objects
  • Switch tab to Blocked Files and then remove csgo.exe[/ol]

Yay :smiley: it worked Thank You :slight_smile: