Accidently Blocked AIM from connecting [resolved]

I accidently blocked AIM from connecting and now I cant figure out how to reconnect it.

Hello there,
what does “accidently” mean?
What exactly did you do? What did you change?
What kind of alerts do / did you get, if any?
Did it work before you accidently blocked it or was it the very first attempt to connect to the internet you blocked?


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Hi schmitty8225
If it was a deny without the remember box ticked normally shutting down and restarting cpf should clear it.
Check application monitor and make sure AIM has an allow and not a block rule. If blocked edit and change to allow.
If restarting cpf doesn’'t fix then try system reboot

A pop up from comodo came up asking to allow AIM to do something. I meant to hit Allow but I did it quick and hit block accidently. I restarted my computer 3 times and it finally let AIM connect again. Thanks