Accidently blocked a Google Drive file because Comodo could give me no info on

said file. How do I unblock it? I didn’t hit block cause right before I looked it up the HIPS alert went away and AFAIK auto blocks it if nothing is done. I see the file in HIPS rules but don’t know what to do now.

Open the advanced Settings. Then go to the “Security Settings” section. Then, open “File Rating” and click on “Unrecognized Files”. The file should be listed there.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Its empty.

Do you have the HIPS enabled?

I cut on BB and cut off HIPS at the moment. Should I cut HIPS back on?

Sorry, I misread your first post. You can run either with the HIPS enabled or disabled (as long as if the HIPS is disabled the BB is enabled). It’s entirely up to you.

With the HIPS turned on you should look at the Advanced Settings. Then open the “Security Settings” and click on “Defense+”. Then click on HIPS and click on “HIPS Rules”. Under this you can either edit the application in question, or just right-click on it and select delete. What this will do is remove all rules and present you with the popup the next time you run it.

Sorry for misreading your first post. With the HIPS disabled the process is different.

Ok will restart PC now to see if it works.

Ok Google Drive is working again :slight_smile: I had this happen as well with Chrome. I hit the button that lets me see more information about said file, and nothing comes up about it belonging to a program.