Accidentally Isolated FF, help!

I accidentally hit isolated in tme pop up menu when one of the firefox popups came up. I just installed CIS last night after being attacked by a hacker keylogging me. Can someone let me know where I would be able to unisolate firefox? I have checked in the blocked programs area and looked in the sandbox area, but I can’t find any programs in the lists. Thanks!

it should be under D+, my blocked files. It could also be under my pending files.

It is not there. I have tried to add it to safe files too and it says it already is a safe file. I can’t get firefox to load at all, but I am on Internet Explorer just fine (ick!). Any clues as to anything else I should look for? It was working fine earlier, then all of a sudden stopped after I had a bunch of pop-ups. I tried to reboot also and that didn’t help.

do you get any errors when you try to start firefox?

Nope, I just get the little blue circle like it is starting to load, then nothing. When it first happened FF was already up and it just wouldn’t load any pages, now it won’t load at all.

I am using the free version right now too. I like the look of it and will probably upgrade if I can get the free version working good. I am thinking I might have to uninstall and start over, but I don’t really want to go through all the hassle again getting it set up to this point.

what version do you have of CIS, v3.14 or V4?

4.0 I have done lots of looking around and I can’t find any reason it is doing this. I am going to try lightening up some of the securities and see if that does it. It was working at the current levels earlier though. Maybe I blocked a DLL or something that it needs?

the thing is you should not have gotten any popups for Firefox unless you messed with the trusted vendors list. My recommendation would be to uninstall using revo uninstaller set to moderate, clean out left over registry keys and file using revo and reinstalling.

Found it! it was Defense+, under Computer Security Policy. Thanks for the help!