Accidentally deleted file under Unrecognized Files

I accidentally deleted a file listed under the Unrecognized Files list when I clicked on “delete” instead of “remove”. How can I get my file back? It isn’t in the Recycle Bin. I used Recuva by Piriform to search for the deleted file and it also could not find it.

I’m afraid it’s gone, you’ll need to recover it from a backup, or re-install in case of an application executable.

Ok, thanks, I’ll have to reinstall the program to get the executable back.

Was there supposed to be a confirmation prompt when deleting? I didn’t see one.

It’s there on my system…

[attachment deleted by admin]

Sorry, my mistake, I intended a confirmation prompt for a Recycle Bin option.

Problem resolved anyways, thanks for your help.

Could you tell me please what kind of problems you had after this deleting?
I just did delete some files like you…


Thank you!