Accidentally blocked someting I needed.

I got the notification of something trying to edit something and I didn’t realize i needed that file to edit it and I clicked ‘Block’. Now the file doesnt work, is there anyway to fix this?

Please go to;
Comodo → Defense+ → My Computer Security Policy.
Search for the application that is blocked and remove it. Next time it runs it will ask again.

Hope this helps…

Can you remember what was trying to edit what. You may have to delve a little deeper in the Computer Security Policy to find what has been blocked.

Do as Kyle suggested and look in Defence+/Computer Security Policy and remove the app.

However it may have been something else that was blocked. Probably the best thing is to look in Defence+/View Defence+ Events. Here you should find the details of the block, note it down and post back, we can then point you in the right direction if needed.