accidentally blocked internet tv portion of windows media center


I installed comodo firewall (and internet security) yesterday. So far it’s working great and i’m not having that many problems with it.

This morning I mistakenly blocked windows media centers internet tv updating services when comodo popped up a message about them. I didn’t recognize what the application was and when comodo asked about it I selected to block the application.

I am not sure how to unblock the services at this point and when I load up windows media center it no longer allows me to select any of the tv shows from the guide window and it no longer shows the internet tv option within the program for some reason. I’m not sure if that is due to my blocking the updating this morning or if it’s due to something else (windows error possibly?)

Other then this error (which is due to my selection of the wrong option when the dialog popped up) comodo is doing a great job so far and seems to be working fine and i’m overall very happy with it.

Welcome to the forum Depetris :slight_smile:

Please look in Defence+ /Advanced / Computer Security Policy

Or Firewall / Advanced /Network Security Policy

Also when you are not sure that you should block a application please untick remember my answer


I removed all of the entries in both areas relating to the “ehome” directory and applications and then relaunched windows media center and it still isn’t showing the internet tv options and when I double click on a program in the guide section it won’t load. I didn’t get a message when I loaded up wmc from comodo asking to accept or deny a rule. Is there anything else that I need to check for that anyone knows of?

I figured it out. I needed to force run the scheduled “mcupdate” task (located in the control panel > administration > task scheduler > Media Center area). That has fixed it for now and i’ll just have to wait for it (comodo) to ask again in the future and then select accept instead of deny. Thank you for the assistance in removing the blocks created by my mixup.

It is possible that you block it in explorer.exe.

Go to Defence+ /Advanced /Computer Security Policy then click on explorer.exe, then click on edit, then access rights.
Then click on modify for Run an executable and check to see if you have any Blocked Applications.

If you find it there remove it and click on apply on all open windows.