Accidentally blocked application, how do I reverse it?

New and lost. I blocked part of Ad-Aware. Now I see it on Defense+ events every time I try to access. I added the program to my safe files, but it has not changed anything. I can’t seem to find any place to change the specific process.


Safe files is not where you add things. Simply open up Comodo and go to the D+ tab. Then click the Advanced tab and then go to the Computer Security Policy tab. Find Ad Aware and right click on it and edit it to trusted. BTW Ad Aware is useless in today’s world. Most of us here us SuperAntiSpyware abd Malware Bytes Anti Malware.

Hi bizaro,

As Vettetech did state- Ad-aware is past it’s prime.

We highly recommend SUPERAntispyware Free If you have further questions & concerns please ask :slight_smile:


Hi bizarro,welcome to the forum.

Good idea is to do as Vettetech suggested->Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy,find any referances which relate to Ad-Aware highlight them and choose “Remove” APPLY to close all windows.
This should remove any rules D+ has for Ad-aware and it should re learn them from scratch.

Alternatively you may have blocked explorer.exe from running something Ad-aware related.Do the same as above-> Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy,now find the entry %windir%\explorer.exe->highlight it and choose “Edit” now click on “access rights”.
In the new window click on “Modify” next to “run an executable” and look under Blocked Applications.If it is there remove it and APPLY to close all windows.