Accidentally "Allowed All Applications"


So I’m worried I may have done something stupid, and need your help.

I was messing a bit while in the “define a trusted application” section of the comodo dashboard, and I accidentally added “All Applications” in “file groups” as trusted programs.

After realizing what I did, is there a way to undo this? There are some programs I had defined as “deny access”, and now I’m afraid I won’t receive a prompt for new applications that are installed.

Is that correct, or how does that work? I’m not sure if my explanation is clear enough :frowning:


Welcome to the Forum Aaron :slight_smile:

Firewall / Network Security Applications / Application Rules You will find it at the top of this screen just click remove then OK


Thank you so much Dennis, this was exactly what I was looking for. I feel like a dummy for it being so simple :smiley:

Cheers :-TU