Accidental Program Blocking

I searched the forums but titles vary so much I wasn’t able to find this topic anywhere. I installed AIM and while trying to click on a link sent to me by a friend, I accidentally told Comodo to block AIM.exe from executing Iexplorer.exe. How do I unblock that request in Comodo so that AIM is allowed to open up IE when I click on a link? I know it’s gotta be a simple thing but I’ve been unable to find how to do that in Comodo Pro.


Very easily fixable. There are 2 places to look. First go to Firewall\Advanced\Network Security Policy and look through the list to see if you blocked AIM. Secondly go to D+\Advanced\Computer Security Policy and do the same.

Hi DrBjamin,welcome to the forums,

Sounds like you created a block rule in Defence+.

Two ways of sorting this i`ll do both then you get to know the interface a bit.

1=(Easy way).From the main interface select Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy:you will now get a window with all applications/.exe`s which D+ has made rules for.Find the executable which you have blocked(AIM) highlight it and then choose “Remove” now “Apply” to close.You will no rules for the application now in D+ so it is able/has to learn again.

2.Main Interface/Defence +/Advanced/Computer Security Policy:This time on the D+ window highlight the exe you need to alter (AIM) and click “Edit” where you will get a new window.Click on “Access Rights” where you will get the list of rules which make up D+.You need to click “Modify” next to the rule in question(run an executable or interprocess memory access) where you will get an “Allowed and Blocked” applications window.Look under the blocked bit, highlight what you have blocked and click “Remove” now “Apply” to close all windows.

Hope this helps,

Matty :-TU