Accessing Help, shuts down comodo..

Whenever i access help or click “What do these settings do”, Comodo has an error and has to shut down… Any way to fix this other then reinstalling? I have tried Diagnostics… it doesnt detect the error…

Strangely, i just tested that i can access the Help HTML file from the program folder itself, but not from the comodo control panel…

I had to remove the firewall because of this issue.

firewall turns off because it fails to open help program when it tries to access it.

I enjoyed the product, but it is no good, if this minor issue is going to shutdown the firewall.

Please Let me know when got this issue fixed (comodo reps, you got my email). and I will try your firewall again.


I had exactly the same problem with accessing help. Also accessing links for settings etc for the firewall would take forever. I disactivated defense plus and hey presto I can access help from the firewall and access links quickly.

So it looks like defense plus is to blame for this problem. I also think that comodo 3 and AGV do not get on together as the process guard.exe seems to be always eating up cpu, which it didn’t with comodo 2.