Access violation when loading a game

Howdy! Can’t find any existing topics that seem to match my question when searching under “access violation”. (Did you know that there are no results when typing in the word “game” on its own? Weird!)

I’m getting an access violation error every time I try to load a certain new game, and the game provider says it’s usually one of three things: A video card whose driver needs updating (done), a need for an update to DirectX (done), or a conflict with my anti-virus program. Can’t figure out how to deal with the last one, so here I am. (Yes, I’ve already tried restarting both game and computer, clearing my cache, defragging, etc.)

Can anyone tell me how to prevent these “access violation” error messages from coming up? Or if not, any other ideas? I wanna play! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums.

It would be helpful if you could provide a few more details, such as:

  1. The version of CIS and modules being used (firewall/D+/AV/BB)
  2. Any custom settings used in CIS
  3. Log files from CIS (firewall/D+ etc.)
  4. The Game title
  5. Is the violation caused by the game, CIS or Windows? (screenshot?)

Gosh, sorry, Radaghast, I never got any notification about this reply and assumed I would (by e-mail, I mean).

Luckily, even though I don’t understand a few of the questions or they would take too much time to supply answers to, I’ve had no more problems since I allowed the game distributor’s files free access to my computer by adding certain of them to a “do not block” section. I think I was still using CIS 2012 at the time, and I’ve since upgraded. (For example, if I knew the answer to #4 I’d have been halfway there!)

If anybody has the same issue, though, would someone be kind enough to post a link to the instructions for doing what I said above? I can’t remember where I found them, and it’s dang hard to find stuff on this site!

Thanks anyway, Radaghast, and anybody who can address this issue for others in the future!