Access to protected file is denied despite setting


just moved over to Comodo from Sunbelt/Kerio which does not seem to be maintained any more. Thanks for making Comodo freely available.

I have a backup script that produces executable archives on an external harddrive. Since I installed CFP, access to these .exe files by rar.exe is denied, no matter how I play with the settings.

I realize that .exe files are “protected files”, but even though I entered a rule for rar.exe that said “allow access to protected files”, access gets blocked all the time. I changed to “ask”, but I don’t even get asked when rar.exe tries to access a protected file?

What am I missing?



Hi Gantenbein

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Sorry we are so late in answering your post.
Can you go to Defense+, Advanced, Computer security policy, find your application in the list and highlight it and click edit. Use a predefined policy and choose trusted application. Click apply, apply, and then see if you can access the files. If you have any more problem with it post back and we will see what we can do to get it working for you