Access to blocked programs rules/decisions

By mistake, I blocked WordWeb, with the “Remember this decision” box checked. Now, whenever it tries to fire up, it’s hotkey registration is blocked by Comodo, which more or less renders it useless. :frowning: The GUI offers no access to the decisions I’ve made in the past, so can’t undo this. I’ve registered the executable as a trusted application, but it makes no difference. :-\

I’ve even tried (using StartRight) to boot the program before Comodo, but it’s invoked from the Startup folder rather than the registry start group, so it can’t be done. :cry:

How do I get at the “rules” and kill the block on WordWeb? ???

Welcome to the forum Brian H :slight_smile:

Defence+ / Advanced / Computer Security Policy

I presume you blocked on the first alert look in Explorer.exe / Access Rights / Run a executable / modify / Blocked Applications


Well, I managed to get at it thru Defense+; thanks. It now works fine!