Access Rights

I’ve had to come back to my old XP and I’m having an issue with Comodo’s firewall. I use, and always have used Paranoid Mode. Since coming back to this comp. I had to download & reinstall Comodo since the update wouldn’t work. When I click the check mark to remember my answer for programs that have a Defense+ popup, for example Firefox wanting to access a registry key, it automatically allows the program to access everything. Computer Security Policy > Firefox > Access Rights - everything is set to Allow now and not Ask like its always done. It does this with any program that is saved in the Security Policy section. Is this a bug?


Are you using the “basic” (default) layout? Click on More Options, and you will get more alerts.

If you prefer the old way, you need to change the popup layout to the "More Options" so that you will receive more popups. In Basic popup Layout, you will only see 1 popup per application. If you allow everything will be allowed, if you deny everything will be denied.;msg268790#msg268790

Very well, I clicked on more options when it popped up in the corner. Does this mean I will have to use it instead of the simple Allow/Deny button? I liked it better that way.

If you want to get an alert for every action, yes. :wink:

I see. Thanks :slight_smile: