Access rights problem

This weekend I had a strange problem, simply couldn’t open any program at all. I don’t know the exact english phrase (my windows is portuguese, and my english is pretty bad) but the error message said something like this:

“windows couldn’t access the device, path or file. Maybe you don’t have enough access rights to…”

I couldn’t even turn off my PC. So I had to install windows again. But… it happened again and I found that uninstalling Comodo solved the problem.

Anyone had the same problem?


Yes, I have the same problem after updating Comodo on my wife’s computer this morning. Needless to say she is unimpressed and I’m about to reinstall Windows. Curiously, I did not have this problem when I updated my notebook computer. Both have fully updated Win XP SP2. Everything worked fine with the previous Comodo version.

Try to download and do fresh install of latest 3.0.18 version to see if your problems will go away (for that leave default settings for some time to make sure CF is not causing any issues).

If you experience problems with CF, there is no need to re-install windows, just boot in safe mode and uninstall CF.

Thanks for the suggestion, goodbrazer.

Unfortunately it’s not that simple. Once logged in I have absolutely no permissions. This means I cannot run anything so am unable to download the latest version. I could download it with my notebook comp and transfer it to my wife’s machine but once there I could not run it anyhow.

I already tried rebooting in Safe mode and that was my second big suprise. It just will not go into Safe mode but keeps returning to the initial boot up screen.

Thanks anyhow but I’ve already started to redo her system. As I have no reason to believe that the latest version has corrected the relevant problem in the update Comodo will definitely not be returning to it. Comodo has been nice so far and the price is certainly generous. Still, I just don’t need the hassle…

For that matter, I am now reluctant to install any further Comodo updates on my notebook comp so Comodo will likely be replaced there also.

goodbrazer, I forgot to mention that…

… using an emergency boot and substitute system CD (Bart) I was able to uninstall CF. However, this did not return the user permissions nor did it repair the inability to boot in Safe mode. I tried everything I could think of to avoid reinstalling Windows. It’s a problem I’ve never encountered before and, since only 2 of us have reported this, probably only occurs in very specific and unusual configurations.

I too had exactly this problem after installing 3.0.17 on my Vista Home 32 bit PC - no access rights not even to switch PC off - so your not alone. Comodo have not come up with a reason why , so I am wary of updating from 3.1.15 to the latest 17 or 18 until I have an explanation.


Can you please everybody who experience same problem with Comodo Firewall v 3.0.18 refer to this guide to give as much clear and detailed description as possible.


You can uninstall starting windows in safe mode.