access restriction to RUN dialogue window

How to restrict permissions to Windows Key + R, or the RUN dialogue window from the Start menu?

Question is a bit unclear.
I suspect that you are asking why there is no alert for ‘Run an executable’ action with Run dialog. It’s because Explorer is treated as ‘Windows System Application’ in default configuration.


Well, I’m running Proactive configuration in paranoid mode - all items monitored - and do not see Explorer listed in the Windows System Application file-group.

That notwithstanding, the Windows key + R does not generate an alert, nor does selecting it from the Start Menu. And yes, ‘Run an Executable’ alert from the Run dialogue window is also desired.

Is this some Explorer Protection setting that has to be implemented? And since we’re on this, how did I disable the Windows 7 UAC alert for the RUN dialogue window. I know that can be annoying for many apps, and can be disabled individually using the Task Scheduler method, but there’s no entry in the Tasklist UAC Whitelist for that. So, like, is that not even a Windows 7 thing; it was implemented Win8 or later?

The run dialogue is a function of explorer.exe you can verify this by running killswitch find window and selecting the run window. As for UAC I would suggest to set it to never notify under UAC settings as it is unnecessary when you have CIS.

It’s possibly already loaded in memory and that’s why you are not seeing an alert when you press WinKey+R. Not very sure. However, if you’re launching an application trough Run dialog or application attempts to launch Run dialog then you will get alert.