access memory System isn't asked

Recently the pc started to freeze, audio work, the cursor move for some seconds but everything else is blocked. At first it happened when I started jdownloader (not always) then it happened also with gom player and today even with firefox. Today I checked the defense+ log and I saw that before freezing the app accessed System in memory. It’s strange that these program sometime access System in memory but also strange that defense+ doesn’t ask me anything. It ask always for com and access memory to explorer but system not… And I don’t think is a problem with my system because I had this problem before and after format… I checked also the config and these programs doesn’t the allow rights to memory access.

Interprocess Memory access is not allowed in the default rules of CIS, so you won’t get an alert. In its self Interprocess Memory access is not a strange thing.

However, some programs are protected from Interprocess Memory Access. Therefor D+ will not alert you about it.

What I am not quite understanding is whether the freezes always or only sometimes coincide with applications trying to access System in memory.

My money would be on a problem with a not properly functioning driver. I have had it happen where my previous system would freeze for exact 10 s and it would continue like nothing happened. Windows did not notice it; nothing in the logs.

If the problem is with a driver then reinstalling everything is not helping as you will install the faulty driver again.

Edit: I wrote in the first line Interprocess Memory access is allowed where it should have said is not allowed. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.

The only time I do not get a alert like this is if I am running a full screen application which blocks the alert from being seen, if you are willing to wait approx 1/2 hour this will free again instead of having to do a restart.


It happen only with these app accessing System and it doesn’t recover after some seconds… However when programs try to access Explorer.exe (for example) d+ ask me about that. That’s the problem… Now I applied protection against System and it’s not a problem anymore.
I will try checking the recently installed driver like ethernet and nvidia. Thank you.

Edit by EricJH: I edited my first post in this topic. That’s why edited the quote in this post. I wrote in the first line Interprocess Memory access is allowed where it should have said is not allowed. Sorry for the confusion this may have caused.


I have been having a very similar (if not the same) problem to uncharted. Each and every time another process tries to Access Memory on System, my computer freezes for 10-20 minutes. This is also the only time my computer freezes. I am not 100% sure when this first started other than that it was before I updated to v5 (quite some time ago). I would love to get this issue resolved.

I am on Paranoid mode, and interprocess memory access is monitored and I believe I have it blocked for System somewhere. I doubt it is a driver in my case, but I will defer to recommendation if it is insisted that a driver is the issue. This issue has persisted through a couple reformats.

I am running Windows 7 Professional SP1. I have no other antivirus or firewall installed.