Access Memory logged logging for aform.exe

I run Firefox 8.0.1 on Windows 7x64
I just added an extension to FF called Memory Fox (v7.4), a memory management tool for Firefox.
aform.exe is a module that is part of this extension.
I have defined it as a Trusted Application and even set it as an exception in the predefined Trusted Application>Interprocess Memory Accesses.

It appears to be working ok yet D+ is logging thousands of Access Memory flags that indicate C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe is the target.
I have submitted the module for evaluation.

Any idea how to stop this excessive logging? I do not know why the module would be trying to access cfp unless it relates someway to how cfp interacts with Firefox.

Thank you for your help.

You might find this thread useful.

‘Access memory’ event log entries - how can I suppress these? [v5]

Thanks for the link.
I did that, it was a bit confusing because of the way Comodo acts as the instructions are not real clear. The best thing I could figure out from that was to add afom.exe to the Comodo Group which seems a bit strange to me. But the logging has stopped.

something i’ve noticed in dealing with this situation is that comodo looses it’s ability to display log entries after a bit until after it is restarted. v5.8.213334.2131