Access Lost/Stolen Phone

I was looking for something on the main COMODO page to test finding my phone. I see no link anywhere on the main COMODO page to do this. Where does one go to find their phone?

Hi BTJustice, it seems there is no link in COMODO web page, there is a demo function in Anti-theft that you can test finding your phone

I kind of wish COMODO would add that feature to its website. I could text my phone with the COMODO password I created and locate and perform security functions and such.

I talk a lot about the “find my phone” feature and how Comodo could improve it in a post I just made in another of your threads.

See here for more info

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I’ve moved on to avast! Free Mobile Security ( Free Antivirus App For Android | Avast Mobile Security ) which has a TON of features all the other ones appear to either charge for or do not have.

Thank you for reminding me. I’m so used to shortening links so they fit into emails or whatever that I just did it automatically. Nothing weird, believe me, was intended… after all, they were links to other postings in this very forum.

But I get your point. Sorry.