Access: local only

…is the problem that i’ve been experiencing frequently when using CIS 5. I’m behind router with nat/spi and also using Avast 5 free. I have no idea what’s causing this behaviour and i’ve tried to fix it but no such luck. Could it be some bug with Vista 64? or with Avast? Help plz ???

Can you please explain a bit more?


Yeah i have wired connection and Randomly it will drop its internet connection and display that it has local access only and indeed the computer has no working internet connection for a short while. Sure it could be just mis-configuring the trusted LAN things…
i’s like in this pic :
but the network isn’t unidentified. Without Comodo installed it rarely happens.

I see that you have file sharing enabled,
Please go to CIS > Firewall > Stealth Port Wizard > define a trusted network > (Choose what you named your network)
If you dont remember (CIS > Firewall > Network Security Policy > Network Zones > You should see a zone with 192.168.xx.xx, and there should be a name, remember that name and go to stealth port wizard and choose that to trust it.

Did this help?


Well actually that pic isn’t mine, founded it from net, but it shows the “drop” thing (red x).
The problem still persists no matter what i put(or don’t) in the trusted network thing, Including the LAN that Comodo founds after the first reboot (192.168.x.xx/
Perhaps try to exlude Avast’s folder in d+ and vice versa in Comodo?

p.s. sorry if this not clear enough, english is not my native tongue… :-[

Yes, CIS should exclude Avast and Vice Versa;
Also Add Avast in Exclusion in the Execution control settings

I’m not sure if this would solve your issue but you may try and report back

Please See This Post


Ok will try that, thanks for your help :slight_smile:

That experiment didn’t help either. I’m back with Vistas own firewall for now, too much hassle for me. Anyway thx for co-operation sir. :P0l