Access is denied

I must have hit “Block” one too many times because now I get an error every time I print.

“Error loading C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\spool\drivers\w32x86\hpmsn081.dll Access is denied.”

It still prints, it just pops up this message instead of the old HP message from my toolbar that told me I am almost out of toner.

I am on a work computer, connected to a LAN. I first installed Comodo because I wanted to make sure my employer wasn’t spying on me, but when I saw how much traffic it was blocking, I installed at home also.

Hello Bleme,

The fastest thing to do is run this script

Save a logfile and lookup witch rules contain the hpmsn081.dll that way you can find it (faster) in you Defence+ Policy and fix it.

What Comodo is blocking isn’t traffic its the D+ part of Comodo. If you accidentally blocked something the open up Comodo and go to the D+ tab. Then go to the advanced tab and click on Computer Security Policy. Find explorer.exe entry and right click on it and select edit. Click on access rights then click on the modify button next to “run an executable”. Look in there for items being blocked. Also you should not be blocking anything unless you think its a virus. 90% of whats on your pc is trust worthy. If you keep blocking things then you may block something your pc needs.

Thanks Vettetech! I cleared out all the blocked programs for rundll32.exe and it solved the problem.

Your welcome. Anything else? (R)