Access is Denied for floppy DISKCOPY.exe

I have been having problems with my keyboard lately where certain keys intermittently stop working. I was trying to reinstall the firmware for the keyboard when Sandbox caught the DISKCOPY.exe utility. Since I was busy I was unable to respond to the Sandbox popup message and then it disappeared. Now when I am trying to run the copydisk.bat from a command prompt it says DISKCOPY.exe Access is Denied. I made sure I had ownership of the file and it was still access denied. Frustrated I uninstalled Comodo. I am still getting access is denied. How do I unblock a file once Comodo blocks it? According to security I have full control of the file.

Is the application DISKCOPY.exe still in “My pending files”? If it is and the application is safe then you should move it to the “My own safe files”.

Are you saying that access to the file is denied even after you uninstalled CIS? ???