Access from UDP to Comodo "cmdagent.exe"

Am a long time user of Comodo as a firewall for my home server. I appreciate its effectiveness.
Today, I got a strange access from Comodo company (IP: which attempted to execute cmdagent.exe.
What is this? What is the purpose? Can anyboby help me how to treat this access?

Attached is the log of this access, with time=UTC+9.

[attachment deleted by admin]

cmdagent.exe is part of CIS and is the application that performs the cloud lookup which is down using the UDP protocol on port 4447 & 4448. Because UDP is a stateless protocol, statefull firewalls such as comdod firewall, will allow incoming UDP packets within a certain time frame from a host & port in which your system first initiated communication with. Once that time period ends, then the firewall blocks the UDP packet even if it is part of a connection stream, because the packet was delayed in being sent. What happens is when your computer sends a UDP packet to a IP address and UDP port, that packet passed through the firewall in which the firewall will initiate a countdown timer to allow your computer to receive the response UDP packet from that initial IP address and UDP port.

What you are seeing here is normal and nothing you need to worry about.

Thanks for the detail xplanation.