'Access Denied' from a Windows XP SP3 CMD

I have recently installed Comodo Firewall

Everything seems ok except for when I start CMD.EXE to created a terminal (DOS) session.

From this terminal session, if I then try to run any application, I get an ‘Access Denied’ message.

For example, if I type ‘start notepad’, this should start the Notepad application or if I type ‘net start MySQL’, this should start the MySQL server.

However, all I now get is the aforementioned ‘Access Denied’ message.

This happens for any application (DOS or Windows) that I try to start from this session.

Note that if I start the application from Windows Explorer, all is well. However, often I need to script a series of actions involving starting and stopping services, and these will not work.

Any ideas / help as to where to start looking for the problem?

Try having a look under Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy

There should be an entry for cmd.exe,make sure this is not set to “Isolated Application”.I have it set to “Custom” and can start apps from cmd.

Ask yourself “why do I need SP 3”
From the minute I installed it I had a bushel full of problems, some users do some users don’t, I found myself in the do category. After the uninstall it was smooth computing, plus I was now able to install CFP.

Your computer will thank you for it MS

I just tried this myself all works on my end so i think maybe something is set wrong in your setting try as other have said and run threw your settings.

Stop with the SP3. There is nothing wrong with SP3. Also the poster said nothing about SP3.

O.k. O.k. I read this and jumped the gun Re: ‘Access Denied’ from a Windows XP SP3 CMD
I stand guilty of not reading the post “again”

Sorry Vettetech

Okay the SP3 talk stops here please… So how are things going swdev1?


I’m having the same problem. This is actually the second time I’ve had this problem. The first was with a slightly older version of Comodo Firewall (maybe 2 months old) and now tonight all of a sudden with the newest firewall version I’m getting access denied to everything. I can’t even open up the firewall console. I booted into safe mode and uninstalled firewall. Why would these Comodo all of a sudden decide to switch into ultra-OS lockdown mode? This is two version now. I’m going to hold off installing another version until I hear the issue is understood and resolved.

However if anyone else is having this trouble. I find the easiest solution is to boot into windows safe mode and uninstall the firewall program. I’m sure when you reinstall it won’t have the permission issues (at least not initially…)

BTW I am running XP Media Center with SP3 and the newest Windows Updates.

The only way this happens is when you click “block” on something that shouldnt be blocked.