"Accept new parent" button

I started Azureus and keep getting annoying pop-ups although I put Azureus in the list as a trusted application. This must be because it got another parent application (TotalCommander). When I put Azureus in the trusted app list, I didn’t specify a parent but Comodo bugs me with its pop-ups. I want not just the “allow” and “deny” button but also a button “accept new parent” or something like that. Sometimes CFP is still very nutty in anticipating what the user may want.

I like CFP but sometimes it drives me mad.


That would be nice although since CFP creates a separate app rule for each parent (if a parent is specified at all), you just need to allow and remember for each parent.

But it seems what you want is a rule to allow an app regardless of parent. This is possible, edit the rule and check “skip parent verification” (or something like that). This is even more handy for block rules.

I know I can do this in the rules menu, but it’d be much more convenient to be able to do that in the pop-up window.

I experience the same problem. CFP BADLY needs an “Allow Always” button that works, to stop all the popup madness. I have recommended CFP to a few friends, and they couldn’t use the program because the popups drove them nuts. There should be 3 buttons on the popup dialog:

*Allow Once
*Allow Always

The “Allow Always” button would be for programs you trust implicitly, and should perhaps have an optional confirmation dialog.