Absolute Disgrace

I own and run a computer shop, I have over 24,700 customers on my books, each and every one has had a PC from my company with Comodo software installed. Besides the previous minor mishaps from Comodo, I had total trust in the developers.

It’s surprising how a wake up call can make you open your eyes!.

It can take a lifetime to build a good reputation, it can take one stupid mistake to ruin that reputation: Comodo, you have made that mistake!.

Every software release goes through the most basic of beta testing, it’s completely obvious that this software update was NOT beta tested whatsoever, even the mighty Microsoft is guilty of bug-ridden software distribution, but to this day they have not released any software that can completely ruin hardware.

I have fifty seven computers in my workshop with ‘FRIED’ PCUs. WHY?, because they were working flat out for no other reason than some inept software coder couldn’t think ‘basics’ for a second.

My phone-line has been hot since this stupid mistake was distributed, I’m clocking off out of the office and going house-to-house for free to fix this problem. Every one of my staff has had strict instructions with regards to this problem: ‘switch off your computer until we get there, no fee will be charged, this is an error beyond our control, we will remedy the situation free of charge’.

I have just made my biggest error in this industry, I have trusted a company to deliver, sadly I have mistaken trust with negligence, I have promoted Comodo software to every customer to date, and I have made a grave mistake!.

This error is bordering on criminal negligence!.

I will be seeking legal representation for advice on this matter.
I will withdraw any Comodo software representation from my shop and products.
I will do my utmost to encourage others to refrain from using Comodo software.

Every staunch Comodo software supporter should be aware that this stupid mistake WILL have adverse effects on your CPU, these CPUs were tested but not designed to work flat out for any length of period. Inept malicious software developers such as this should be stamped out just as any other malicious virus developer should be stamped out.

Comodo has just become a disgrace to the software industry. >:(

You mean your CPU fried cos of comodo had been using 100% of the processor for a while? How can that be?
I mean how can a processor under normal circumstances fry from high load? What about the built in protection from overheating in most motherboards? With proper cooling I mean factory default cooling, a CPU should not overheat even if ran at max for days.

What about people running distributed computing clients such as BOINC? Such software are designed to run at 100% cpu.

If your comodo software had used too much cpu time after update you should have reported it in the appropriate section but IMHO you shouldn’t blame comodo for your 57 fried cpus. 57! fried from being at 100%? omg…that shipment must have been some third-grade ■■■■.

PCSolutions: Funny how companies such as VMWare are providing solutions to run servers at high 90% over years in data centers in order to make best possible utilization of CPU.

Even cheap motherboards these days have built-in temperature sensors and should power off the machine in case of over heating.

I don’t understand why this would not have been the case with the 57 dead machines. Could it be that the BIOS settings were changed? That overclocking was involved? Faulty hardware? Are these PC’s brand names or are they white boxes?

A bit easy to blame Comodo for the damage where there could have been so many other reasons.

Mr. PCSolutions, I think I know (if not, my appologies in advance) where you’re coming from !!
So let’s think this a bit… you say you have a computer shop and there you sell/promote CIS to your customers…

My first question for you is: Do you sell/promote CIS acording to a contract made with Comodo in wich a part of sale earnings goes to Comodo (in this case you may seek legal advice) or you just “promote/sell” the free version of CIS to your customers (in this case you are not entitled to seek legal advice/you may be commiting a fraud) ???

My second question is: Do your hardware components come from a trusty vendor, do you make them yourself or do you sell second-hand hardware components ???

NOTE: You say you are a Comodo promoter/user but judging from your forum status (Newbie with one post) I cannot come to agree with your statement especially when indeed were and are some bugs with Comodo’s software !!

NOTE 2: Fell free to draw your conclusions everybody, I have my own conclusion about PCSolutions’s post but I’m affraid that if I will present my conclusion here “he may be seeking legal action”. ;D

As Blas pointed out the idea that high CPU load could ‘fry’ CPUs is utter nonsense.Unless the BIOS settings were modified to disable the thermal cutout ‘killswitch’.

What I find interesting is that for somebody who purportedly has had such a vast involvement with Comodo products (over 24000 installs),they’ve never before posted on this forum for any single issue or question,that must be some kind of record. 88)

WOW you are quite an unbelievable disgrace yourself. How do you know that CIS is responsible for what happened to you. You have not provided one shred of evidence that can support your alleged spurious claim. In the American Legal System there is something like making a false statement that you could be found guilty of.

Just making generic statements like bla bla bla happened to my clients computers without putting forth the technical evidence is just blowing hot air.

Peace in >:-D

1. Bollocks! 57 fried CPU’s just because CIS forced them to run at full load? All CPU’s run at a 100% all the time because when there are no real threads running the system idle process takes place. So if you have a program taking 20% CPU usage, system idle process is running on the other 80%. So unless your cpus where overclocked, dirty, malfunctioning or had weak ventilation this would not have been an issue.

I know tons of systems running at close to a 100% for months without trouble.

2. COMODO is a god given miracle to the software industry because no one else gives such good security for free, so show respect. >:(

3. Bugs happen! Deal with it. Instead of trying to ruin COMODO’s reputation or take legal action you should have looked for a solution on the forums. There was a solution because I had the same issue and it worked. My CPU is still alive and kicking. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi PCSolutions,

here is an interesting article from INTEL Website. :wink:

For a cpu to fail because of high load there must either be a hardware fault in the cpu. a fault in the motherboard so it doesn’t thermal throttle the cpu . a low quality psu that cant take the power load of the system at 100% and blows up taking the cpu with it. sub par cooling so it cant be saved even with thermal throttling. as long as the cpu has a good psu good cooling it can go years and years at 100% no problem.
and since you believe a program that runs the cpu at 100% is bad you should stay away from intels burn in program that really test your cpu and cooling system.

it sounds like you got a bad batch of hardware components . Were did you get the parts from.

The can be many senerios of what happened: my guess is this
If its from your regular supplier, then chances are the supplier never tested it before shipping it or maybe it’s trying to unload a batch of hardware components it got for super cheap price or counterfit, and/or defective. There can be many variables that you probably haven’t though of!!!

assuming what your saying is true

It definitely cannot be Comodo. There are a lot of programes that generate a large CPU load, and still have never ruined any CPU’s. Also there are a large number of computers which constantly run under heavy load and have been working fine for years and many more to come.

What I find most peculiar is that all your CPU’s have burned out simultaneously, AND this has happened ONLY to you and nobody else, and trust me no one has intentionally targeted you.

P.S. Check what BeatenRabbit said about CPU load.

Man, you made my day. That is the most funny statement that I read in my entire IT life (16 years).

If you have 57 fried CPU’s because 100% load I’m scared because it seems that your store is unable to assemble a PC. What’s you site? I want to tell anyone to run like hell when they’ll heard about PCSolutions.

Do you ever heard about prime95? Linpack? OCCT? Those are tools that stress CPU beyond your imagination and are used to check overclock stability. I never heard about a fried CPU from them even after running for 24 hours.
Maybe you forget to put some TIM between IHS and CPU cooler base. Or maybe you don’t know how to mount a cooler on CPU? Or maybe you don’t know that a CPU needs a cooler especially if you load it at 100%?

Anyway, thanks again I’ll bookmark your post, it’s absolutely delicious.

Its quite obvious he doesn’t handle 24,700 computers. Smells mumbo jumbo…

O0 :-TU

Yeah… And thats just in your shop this happened… you have 24,700++ other users running CIS as well… Gees good luck!

That would be true, if we lived in a perfect world. But we don’t.

Ya knocking dorr, makes perfect sense… I bet those 24,700 ++ users were like neighbors to you. You are eating the whole market where you live, good for you… Why take a small piece of the cake when you can have it all… 88)

Go back and talk about disgrace when you repair your overheated rigs who can’t handle a few seconds of max load you lure on your customers. :-TU

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