About Windows Firewall?

Hello! is this normal? everytime i install the CIS the windows firewall is turn on so i have to turn it off manually…is this normal?? compare to the other firewall product if i install the windows firewall is automatically turn off 88)

Hi don67,

Actually just recently we were discussing Windows Firewall (WF)
and that is known fact that it can be re-enabled without users knowledge/or interference (see link below)

At the same time, I never experienced that the installation of CIS can do that ???
That is something very new. There would be many complaints if such thing may happen because of CIS installation, but I don’t remember a single one yet

That should be something else but not the CIS (at least not its Firewall/Defense+ part that I’m using)

On the contrary the only time when you are notified that WF should be disabled - is the initial installation of CIS

It would be helpful if you provide some details about OS; platform; other security if any

here you find some advices how to disable WF forever

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CIS is odd in this respect, and I’m not sure why. On some systems, installing CIS will automatically turn off the Windows firewall, on others it will not.

It has never turned off the Windows firewall on my machine, yet it did on both of my sisters machines. Same OS.

Hi HeffeD,

Thanks for pointing that.

That is actually a real issue as far as I am concerned…

And that is why I placed the request into Wish List and repeating that it should be the option so user can to set it for periodical check

As that is pointed in the referred thread WF can be turned on without users knowledge.

I never experienced that CIS (comodo’s Firewall) can be responsible as OP posted though
As for your message as far as I remember you have the notification message during the clean install about turning Off and/or uninstalling another firewall.
Honestly I don’t remember that CIS itself is turning Off the Windows Firewall in particular.

But main point is the internal check point is better to be implemented

As a matter of fact do you remember the issue with Comodo Memory Firewall (CMF), when it was still stand alone product?
You could work for ages not knowing that the driver was not inactive… unless you got an idea… all of a sudden to run its diagnostics. You would get that red status bar of CMF.

Current issue with WF is the same way wrong as the one I reminded right now

Well,… anybody who can disable ICS if not needed will not face this issue, but still - improvements have to be done regarding diagnostics

CIS must not be “odd in this respect”

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