? about udp out/in/hardware firewall router and comodo sw firewall?

My router sets my DNS, whether it’s automatic thru my ISP or when their DNS servers slow to a crawl, I use another local very fast DNS server (s). 1) I’ve learned a heckuva lot by upgrading from ZA free to comodo (if anything else, just the realtime network activity monitor is worth the switch)but these UDP/DNS settings still perplex me in trying to configure a secure network rule to allow a DNS connection to specific DNS servers (which are manually set in my router) while blocking unsolicited udp traffic. I think if I was connected directly to the internet and not through a router FW, a UDP/DNS network rule would be fairly straight-forward. (also I don’t know what else legit uses UDP traffic besides DNS, --I haven’t logged anything yet–), but can a network rule allowing UDP/DNS legit inquiries from my computer to my router to forward on to the DNS servers be set up through comodo. thx