About Training mode and rules.

I’m using Comodo for my family computer.
And I’m setting D+ and Firewall to Training mode to reduce popups for user.
(I’m sure my computer is clean)

This computer used for surfing and play online games that’s always have problem with manual firewall.

So did I leave a training mode for a while Did Comodo will create rules ?
And when I switch to safe mode (My most liked mode) will it popup again ?

In Training Mode CIS will create the rules.

When switching to Safe Mode it will only pop up when new programs are introduced that are not in:

  • CIS white list of safe programs
    [li]My Own Safe Files

[li]My Own Trusted Software Vendors

I am not familiar with online games and how they get downloaded and installed. Can you tell me more in detail how this works?

I recently looked into an HP program that acts as a console that allows to download and install games. Once the rules were made for that it could download and install games without alerting.

I’m playing some old online games whenever the new one always releash.

After you register for playing games you’ll get ID and password for account.
Online games (Not a LAN games and Web based games) you need to download a installer (Or called Client) from online game provider site. or buy an installer CD/DVD.
Install it and you can login to play games.

Online games are popular in Asia and most online games password stealer trojan are written in Asia (Most likely from China and South Korea) to collect ID and Password for that game and send to writer to stealing information.

Back to Comodo I’ll switch to Training mode for 1-2 week and let it to Safe mode later.

Please use Training Mode as short as possible. A couple of days at the most; or for games start them and let them run for a couple of minutes,close down and then switch back as described in A Note To Gamers.