About the virus database....

(:NRD) I am using comodo internet security for weeks. Numerous infected files were not detected by it. So my question is about its virus database. How to check the number of variants in its virus database?

(:LOV) Thanks for the answers.

In the main screen look under Miscellaneous → About. I have database 733 installed as of now.

If you see undetected malware, submit them to
malwaresubmit[ at ]avlab.comodo.com
If possible, password protected .zip file
Password “infected” (without quotes"
Or upload them to

For the number of malware variants, I think there is no “600 thousand” pieces of malware detected or something similar.

I asked about the number of malware variants, not the database version!!

There is a well over 700,000 Malware I Think In It’s Database