About the Standalone BOClean

  1. I note I am still able to manually update it. Will this continue? And if so, for how long?

  2. I currently use CIS 3.8 with D+, but without CAV. (Prefer NOD32).
    Will there be any way to get the integrated BOClean without installing CAV?

BOClean is also still available on the website :-\ That brings me to another question :

  1. Is Kevin aware of it this time ??? Because I want to send him an email to thank him for all he has done for me :slight_smile: And I don’t want to hear that he hears it from me ( again ), because than I am gone.

Greetz, Red.

Boclean will be discontinued but it is not clear when that will be at the moment. There is nothing official about it from Comodo. Until further notification assume updates will continued.

3xist who made the decision to close the board and move it to the archive boards might have been a bit premature.


Josh was very clear in his message :

BOClean Anti-Malware board has been closed, [b]and the product has also been discontinued as a stand a lone product.[/b]

Frome here :


And now you are saying it is not even official ??? OMG :frowning: For your information I already posted it on Wilders and dslreport forums :-\

Well done boys, realy well done :-TD


It was stated in the past by Melih that Boclean will be discontinued as it will be integrated in CIS (v3.9). The date has not been set. That’s what I was telling.

Yes I know that. I was all the way there, remember 88)

But what you are telling is something different than what Josh has posted, don’t you agree ??? How for Gods sake can a Moderator make anouncements that are not even Official :o


Yes, what EricJH write is different. He was however spot on when he claimed that “3xist who made the decision to close the board and move it to the archive boards might have been a bit premature.”. I kindly ask you to take notice of this very part of the message.

After the 12th of May I hope this confusion is over. :frowning:

I did, and that is what worries me the most. But than we come into a discussion I realy don’t want to have ( again ).

Btw I changed my posts on Wilders and dslreport forums.


Thx for updating your posts.

+1, thanks Rednose.

Hi Guys,

:-TD :-TD :-TD it was very bad ( & sad)… but expected move.

So when it is time to uninstall? It seems like updates are still coming.

When it is officially the “Stop-time”? when it doesn’t make sense using the standalone anymore.

Probably it’s already the case ???

I am not going to use CAV too in a nearest / foreseen future, so my question is similar to what gaslad asked

I may add to that :

Is it any chance to install only on-demand (!) CAV
and being able to test new BOClean
it is not developed as a Component utilizing CAV’s DB & resources, etc.
which can be switched On /Off so, basically even integrated it can be set up & uses separately.

My regards

Melih has stated in the past it will be discontinued. There is no official word on when that would be. As long as the updates are still there then the support has not ended. That is all I can say to it.

Even tho its incorporated into CIS, still could have been a stand alone product. I for one will not update to CIS. I use Zone Alarm and Kaspersky AV. Seems just wrong to throw away a perfectly running produict and ask people to update to CIS. Good by Comodo. 88)

I guess CIS has more potential to reach end users around the world, rather than the standalone BOClean. In that sense it would be reasonable to put the efforts in CIS, provided that they can’t support both products.

Hi Guys,

I am not using CAV and not going to in a nearest future.
BOClean was uninstalled (unfortunately). What is the point without updates?

I looked into the Comodo Antivirus Help and did not find a single word about “integrated BOClean”.

Am I missing something?

Basically, as I can see it there is no such thing. It seems it’s just completely assimilated (if exists).

I could be wrong and it would be nice if there are some description, so users can understand its functionality within CAV.

What I mean: How it is different to “onAccess” scanning now?

Previously we may say it was kinda “onExecution” and that’s why it could be used separately as additional protection layer.

Interestingly enough some anti-malware/antivirus solutions (like a-squared) use “onExecution” only in their a real-time part. That make sense. That’s, for example kinda lightening things up.
Executables are always under control but all other files will be scanned on-demand by scheduled or manual scans.

So, basically if that analogy is correct it would be interesting to know whether there are some distinguished settings for “onExecution”=BOClean or there is only “onAccess”=No BOClean per se.

Thanks in advance

You think people are actually going to get rid of their firewalls and anti virus that they may have had for years and switch to CIS just because you got rid of BOClean, and “say” that it was put in the new CIS? That’s pretty gullible. 88)

Personally, I found that CIS still has some pretty major bugs to be worked out (like causing spontaneous reboots, interfering with normal Office operations via messing up write permissions, etc). Not to mention the fact that it seems built in that it will not play nicely with other third-party firewalls, even when only the CAV is installed. I am going to simply archive the last BOClean signiture file along with the latest BOClean (v1.27), and continue that way until these issues are resolved. BOClean was (is) still the best security product on my computer, and now I really am longing for the day when it was a paid product, supported actively on the GRC newsgroups by both Kevin and Nancy…

And not to mention this.

I must say I am none the wiser of what the implications are for me:

  1. I did have BOClean as a stand-alone product.
  2. I have CIS without CAV (I have the latest 3.9.95478.509 version) in ‘Pro-Active Security’ mode

So, having been told that BOClean is no longer available and will no longer work, is its protection now included in my above installation of CIS OR NOT???

I think it’s the ‘Scan Memory on Start’ option in the Scanner Settings.

So yes you do need to have the Antivirus.