About the settings in defense+

The new beta installer does not check this item.

Which one would you choose, allow or block?


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I would choose to not check the box.

These setting were added by requests of network Admin types.

So until we all understand the full ramifications the best advice it to leave it.

Unless you want to test and see…




If you set it to allow it will allow all the D+ popups automatically & if you set it to block it will block all the D+ popups automatically. If you keep it unchecked its the default setting you will get D+ popups for unknown apps, etc.

I chose to check it & select allow. This is my requirement on my family’s laptop. Coz its been 3-4 months CIS on my family’s laptop. Didn’t faced any malware prob but few probs with the legit apps & the novice users choosing sometime allow & sometime block & corrupting the apps. So I have achieved this setting in 5.5 with the help of one of the Devs & currently running on my family’s laptop. Now only the Unlimited Rights popup is there. If this will also be a prob for the users here then I will completely disable D+ or use other good av for them. You know some user you cannot teach them whatever you try.

On my personal laptop everythings default.

So its your choice.


Please add an item to the settings of defense+ and firewall,
“Do not show popup alerts (block red alerts only)”

red alert ----> block

orange alert ----> allow

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There will be many red alerts for legit apps to so it would not be a good idea. Instead block popups with malicious behaviour found would be good.


I would choose to not check the box.

The only thing that Comodo can do to reduce the HIPS popups is use some heuristics like Mamutu does

Maybe they will continue to go the way of a sandbox approach (well, virtualization is already announced for auto-sandbox with version 6). If the sandbox will be tweaked to function more like e.g. Sandboxie, pop ups are nicely reduced.

A behavior blocker like Norton Sonar for programs running outside of the sandbox would be nice too.


I use defence+ with parental control to silently block all pop-ups. It works great for me. I allow pop-ups when I install software but that is all. I assume this would work similarly.

:-TU :-TU :-TU That will be nice!
and I too would not check that box.