about the integrated DNS service?

(Windows 8.1+comodo internet security already installed.)

for the first time i installed the Icedragon browser, but didn’t get asked at install if i wanted to use the DNS service and for what applications(all of them or just the browser)
i wasn’t asked anything.
is there a way enabling it ?maybe on the cis?
i was asked a while ago while installing the cis but i declined.
anyhow i’d like to enable it only on the Icedragon browser.
P.S plus i don’t see where is the SiteInspector showing;i right clicked on a link and nothing.

Hi nickfree,
To enable/disable Comodo Secure DNS on the system, see the link below.
Comodo Secure DNS

Comodo web inspector extension doesn’t appear to be included with IceDragon for some unknown reason.
You can use the link below to scan URLs.

Kind regards.

if I’m not mistaking the DNS link you provided switch all my network activities through comodo’s DNS service.
i was looking for something more specific like apparently in the old setup you would get this: https://billmullins.files.wordpress.com/2013/01/image45.png
or a box to check like in the Dragon browser Options: Comodo Dragon - Configure Advanced Settings | Web Browser
i wanted to switch to CID for a better/faster more secure browsing,but without the integrated DNS as advertised on the Download page,nor the SiteInspector included,i dont see the point of it or the advantages over my regular Firefox.
maybe some clarifications will help.

Hi nickfree,
Correct, the link I posted does change the DNS options system wide.

Older versions of IceDragon did include the mention options, but they appear to be removed from the current version for some unknown reason.
I do not know if they intend to be added back in the future.
No promises, but I have asked Staff to take a look and share any possible information about this.

I have also posted the following topic.
Outdated information on IceDragons home pages.


Hi Guys,

I’m looking into this and I"ll get back to you shortly.


Thank you Shane.

Hi Guys,

During the last major overhaul of Ice Dragon this item was postponed to get the new version out.

DNS is on the roadmap for future versions.

Thanks for the info.